This past year I had the pleasure of working with hair stylist Kia Sterling. After 30 years in the business and doing shoots for International "She's always on, bright and super energetic. That and she's damn good." editions of Vogue and many Indy magazines I have come to expect a certain level of proficiency in my hair, make up and styling crew.

It's a given, I use people who are good. That being said it is always refreshing to meet and work with someone who brings a positive energy to a shoot that changes the dynamics of the shoot.

I have learned that a positive vibe in my shoot makes for a better outcome. I was really pleased to see this in Kia. She's always on, bright and super energetic. That and she's damn good. I am happy to suggest her to anyone needing a highly talented hair person for their photo shoots, videos shoots or anything to do with hair styling.

Richard Warren

★★★★★ Deonna King

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Kia is the BEST HAIRSTYLIST EVER!!!! I have been going to Kia for 4 years and love every style I get!!! Kia is very creative in cut, color and hair extensions really any style I'm never disappointed in any of my styles done by Kia Sterling!!!! Kia is very professional she makes sure all her client appts r on time there's never a wait for service and the salon is very cute clean and professional!!!! I highly recommend u come and get the Kia Sterling experience!!!! Tell her Deonna sent u!!!!!

★★★★★ Yari Butler

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Kia is creative, pleasant, and professional! The salon has a fantastic atmosphere! You will not regret visiting this salon!

★★★★★ Otis Johnson

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I’m actually doing this review from my husband’s google account. He doesn’t mind, since he loves my new looks. After wearing a short curly natural for several years I decided to switch up my look with a full weave. I had already decided on the type of hair, a luxury extension brand (Indique Hair). When researching local stylists for the install, I found Kia Sterling on their website as an instructor. I met with Kia for a consult where we discussed the look that I wanted to achieve and how to get there. Kia was very accessible and responsive by text for any additional questions and appointment settings. I was so excited I moved up my appointment. I went to the Artist Haus (formerly named Mack Stylist) and had the most positive salon visit. It was just what I would look for in a salon experience…nice neighborhood, artsy décor, professional and customer-focused. Kia and her assistant Courtney work in a very efficient way to get the client in and out within 2 – 3 hours at the most. The finished look exceeded my expectations! Kia even checked in a few days later to ensure I was maintaining my new style. It’s been almost a year since my first visit and several installs later. I continue to go to Kia and I’m grateful that she balances her freelance work with salon work. She’s a hair artist. Whether it’s a picture from Pinterest on sharing my vision of a style, Kia has consistently created or recreated amazing styles. She’s also believes and practices healthy hair care. My hair is in it’s healthiest state, however, I have a few more weave ideas before I go back to my natural. Either way Kia will be the stylist.

★★★★★ Fun Filmz 2Day

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The Artist Haus is a very chic, bright and clean salon with a staff that is consistently kind and professional. While having my hair cut in Paris, I was referred to stylist Kia Sterling by Nicole Pembrook (owner of Polished Hair Care, 76-78 avenue de Champs Elysee 75008, Paris, France). Kia and her cheerful and assistant Courtney have been doing an outstanding job with my hair since 2014. They put a lot of emphasis on maintaining healthy hair and my hair has grown tremendously as a result. I generally get a cream relaxer about once every other month and a bi-weekly wash, wrap and style. Kia is very talented, professional and friendly. She gently advises her clients without being condescending or overbearing. She enhances each client's style and helps them realize their own unique vision instead of forcing her vision on them. I would highly recommend the Artist Haus Salon and stylist Kia Sterling.

★★★★★ Tiffany Clemmons

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Kia Sterling and Courtney are amazing and provides great service. Kia's creative styling and versatile looks are great for any woman. The entire salon atmosphere is modern with beautiful artwork to showcase creativity. A must!

★★★★★ April Washington

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Kia Sterling has been taking care of my hair for over 10 years. She has guided me in picking the perfect color, weave, cut and style and new hair styles that would compliment me as an individual but also as a professional business woman. The fact that she is an educator to other stylists truly shows when she provides services to other customers. Kia has also helps in dealing with my scalp issues such as heavy dandruff to where it is now normal. I'm so proud of my hair stylist since has been made the lead stylist for Philly Fashion Week among other acclimades in the hair industry!

★★★★★ Savannah Sharp

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Love love love the Kia Sterling experience! I've been a client of Kia's for 3 months. She does a great job and I love how focused she is on the education of healthy hair. I also enjoy the very relaxing environment!

★★★★★ Jackie Jamison

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I have been a client of Kid's for more than 5 years. I came with her from the previous salon. Kia is amazing. Speciality color is her game. Make an appointment you will not be sorry. The Artist Haus is where great hair is created.

★★★★★ Josephine Ohioma

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Kia Sterling is AMAZING!!!!!! She has been styling my hair for the last 2 years and my hair has never felt nor looked better. Kia is extremely creative, versatile and professional. The atmosphere of the salon is modern, fun and creative. I highly recommend The Artist Haus because I get compliments on my hair after every visit.

★★★★★ Jocelyn B

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Kia Sterling has been my stylist for 6 years. Kia's talents are beyond amazing. My hair was in horrible condition when I came to her. She has brought my hair back to life. The new space "The Artist Haus"is a beautiful salon with friendly professional staff. It's always a pleasure getting my hair done...5 star business

★★★★★ Sherri Irvis-Hill

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I love the ambience and the service is fabulous I don't have to wait for hours to be serviced!!! Courtney does a great job messaging my scalp and Kia is a phenomenon stylist, knowing exactly how I like my hair styled! When I first her, I wanted to look like her! The owner, Mackenzie , is very welcoming and does a fantastic job on her clients!! I love this place and finally found a Home!

★★★★★ Jacquay Winfield

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I've been coming to see Kia for about 10 months. She takes great care of my natural hair and installs amazing weaves. I started wearing weaves to grow my natural hair. But she's grown my hair so well, that now I wear weaves just for fun. I strongly recommend her, since I won't let anybody else touch my hair!

★★★★★ Courtney Thomas

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My stylist Kia Sterling is extremely talented, I wanted a new look an she gave me the perfect color and pixie cut. She never disappoints whenever I sit in her chair. She is very professional and always loads of fun. What I love the most is she is always educating her clients about proper hair care. looking forward to my next appointment cant wait to see what new looks she has in store for me.